Подсумок для рации, смартфона, навигатора
Подсумок для рации, смартфона, навигатора
РАСПРОДАЖА Cумка многофункциональная для спецснаряжения
РАСПРОДАЖА Cумка многофункциональная для спецснаряжения
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Скоро в продаже
Скоро в продаже

Overalls in Kiev and Ukraine by Klark-KV

High quality products - the main rule in the company. For the production of the latest equipment is used exclusively. Overalls from Klark-KV is made in Kiev and delivered throughout Ukraine since 2000. All work is performed by a group of experts, enthusiastic and dedicated his own case, tracking the latest trends and techniques and the creation of a special working clothes and shoes. Recently, in fact, it marks the individual approach to each client, taking into account the possible production risks and specificity of the work of his employees. This allows to create a unique and effective clothing in a very short time.

Clothing and footwear developers Klark

The result of our work - a wide range of reliable, comfortable and multi-functional footwear and apparel, that reliably protects you and allow resolutely implement their own direct responsibilities in various fields of work.
You have decided to buy footwear from Klark-KV, and act is absolutely true, because it will provide you with absolute protection in the sphere of activity for the way you have purchased it.

Where and how to buy clothing and shoes from the manufacturer spec

We create clothing for which do not need to purple, which reliably protects and allows working resolutely fulfill their direct duties, therefore, to make money for his company.
Buy clothing and footwear you have the opportunity in the city of Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. In order to buy special shoes, or to order special clothing, you simply go to the website or call us at one of the phone numbers indicated on the website.

Working clothing - it is our advantage

Our production force can create from 10 to 5000 units of clothing and specials. footwear, regardless of its scientific and technical complexity. Working clothing made exclusively of high quality sewing threads on prof. equipment. In the case of industrial needs for workwear, footwear as well as most large wholesale parties may attract extra. facilities certified subcontractors. Quality tailoring supports dual output controlling - specifically at the factory, and directly before the sale. Extremely important aspect in providing quality has an inverse relationship with the customer. Design and sewing clothes and special. technical support for the production of footwear produced a group of designers with the most advanced methods and approaches.
If you need to get advice from the pros to the selection of a suitable model simply dial our number and one of our managers will help you with the choice. In addition, you can explore our catalog of footwear and clothing.

Shop overalls Klark

Our shop overalls give you maximum choice of clothing, footwear as well as for representatives of any profession. Our team of specialists - skilled workers who are ready to help you in choosing.
Clothes from the company Klark-KV - a creative design, more than 20-years old experience plus advanced technologies.

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